Ivan with Conner, Stryker, and Sawyer

Ivan, Conner, Stryker, and Sawyer


Conservative Republican
For Greenville
County Council

Ivan with Conner, Stryker, and Sawyer

Ivan, Conner, Stryker, and Sawyer

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Meet Ivan

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Ivan is a life-long resident of Greenville County, and District 19. He grew up in Travelers Rest and graduated from Furman University in 2008. After college, he was Vickie Vernon Hawkins’ first General Manager at the Whistle Stop at the American Cafe in Travelers Rest. Eventually he went to work with his father in their 40 year old family business, Paper Cutters Inc., which is located on White Horse Road. He is the proud father of two adorable children.

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Lower Taxes

As a businessman and a family man, I understand how problematic high taxes can be when hiring or managing a family budget. You can count on me to fight taxes!

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Safer Neighborhoods

Nothing is more important than the safety of our families. Strong law enforcement keeps us safe, and it ought to be the primary focus for any County Councilman. I will always support our Sheriff’s Office!

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Fix Our Roads

For too long, District 19 has not gotten its fair share of funding for infrastructure projects, like road repairs. One of my primary goals in office will be to fight for better roads and more sidewalks!